News 2024


DDB gave a presentation on Towards Quantifying the Effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Carbon Accretion of Tidal and Non-Tidal Wetlands Exposed to a Range of Salinity along the San Francisco Bay Estuary and Delta for the Delta Research Awards Seminar Series.

Thanks to the BiometLab team for the production of close to 100 site years of data for this presentation to Delta managers and stakesholders

 The Youtube presentation will be posted on


Our visitor, Irene Alorda Montiel, led a team (Armand, Daphne and Joe, to resample soil carbon profiles at Hill Slough, several years after restoration. It will be interesting to see the change over time with the influx of new sediments, organic matter etc


Irene Alorda Montiel from Ariane Arias Ortiz lab in Barcelona will be a summer visitor in the Biomet lab. She will help us improve our sampling of soil carbon at the tidal wetland sites. Welcome


DDB attended the UC ANR Academic Regional Meeting 3, in Stockton, May 31. Got to meet a number of CE specialists and county agents working on water, orchards, rice.

Robert Shortt and Kyle Delwiche attended the State of the Bay Estuary conference in Oakland. Robert presented a poster on Subsidence and Sea Level Rise: Impacts of Land Use on Levee Stability

Staff News

Tianxin Carlos Wang graduated with a PhD. Congratulations


Sebastian Wolf from ETH Zurich, a former postdoc, dropped by for lunch on his annual visit to service sites at Sagehen forest. Always great to see him


On April 23 we hosted 100 4th graders from Los Medanos Elementary school in Pittsburg to the Dutch Slough field site. We say a dead beaver, osprey, great blue heron etc. Thanks to Tyler Anthony from CARB, Molly Ferril and Kate Bandy from DWR, the bat expert from UC Davis. as well as Daphne, Kyle and Robert from the Biomet lab. It was lots of fun, great group of kids. It was a beautiful day, the students were engaged and curious. 

We hosted our 3rd annual field trip to Dutch Slough with Knightsen and Old River Elementary schools.  It was a cold and rainy day. We thank our partners for helping mentor the students. Dylan Chapple from the Delta Council, Molly Ferrill from DWR, Tyler Anthony from CARB, Robert Shortt and Daphne Szutu from the Biomet lab and a fish/wildlife expert from Davis..

Despite the rain and cold, the kids were very flexible and seemed to enjoy the experience, as well as attending parents


BASC seminar Tianxin Carlos Wang/Baldocchi Group Don't be a drag, just be a queen: the reign of surface energy balance under advection at an irrigated alfalfa site


Mallick, K., Verfaillie, Joseph, Wang, Tianxin, Ortiz, Ariane Arias, Szutu, Daphne, Yi, Koong, Kang, Yanghui, Shortt, Robert, Hu, Tian, Sulis, Mauro, Szantoi, Zoltan, Boulet, Gilles, Fisher, Joshua B. Baldocchi, Dennis(2024). "Net fluxes of broadband shortwave and photosynthetically active radiation complement NDVI and near infrared reflectance of vegetation to explain gross photosynthesis variability across ecosystems and climate." Remote Sensing of Environment 307: 114123.


Staff News

Tianxin 'Carlos' Wang submitted his dissertation, Bending fluxes in an alfalfa field: a study of energy, water, and carbon dynamics'  to campus today and is now Dr. Wang.  Congratulations


Water scarcity in semi-arid California compromises perennial alfalfa’s high yield and carbon sinking potentials. Journal of Hydrology,  Tianxin Wang, Kanishka Mallick, Joe Verfaille, Daphne Szutu, Dennis Baldocchi.

When and where can coastal wetland restoration increase carbon sequestration as a natural climate solution? Authors (Order TBD): Scott F. Jones, Ariane Arias-Ortiz, Dennis Baldocchi, Meagan Eagle, Daniel A. Friess, Catrina Gore, Greg Noe7, Stefanie Nolte, Patty Oikawa, Adina Paytan, Jacqueline L. Raw, Brian J. Roberts, Kerrylee Rogers, Charles Schutte, Camille Stagg, Karen M. Thorne, Eric Ward, Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Erik S. Yando Coastal Futures


Prof. Josep Penuelas from Barcelona returns to visit the Biometlab this week, continuing our multi-year series of visits.

Been informed we will have the pleasure of hosting Kuno Kasak as a Fulbright scholar, from Estonia, for a year starting this August.  Fantastic timing.


Our work with Susanna Tringe was profiled on ABC Bay Area News 7 on a story Study Links Sea Level Rise to Methane Release

The Wetland team of Patty Oikawa, Robert Shortt, Adina Paytan, Barbara Haya, Chris Gough and Dennis Baldocchi met with a team from Google, including Randy Spock the Carbon Credits and Removals Lead at Google to discuss Coastal Wetland Restoration for Climate Mitigation

We met with the 5th grade science teachers from Knightsen Elementary to plan the upcoming field trip to Dutch Slough on April 4.  This will be the third year of hosting this group.

We also had a planning meeting with teachers from Los Medanos Elementary in Pittsburg. they plan to bring about 100 students to the Dutch Slough site in late April


Novick, K. A., Keenan, TF, Anderegg, WRL, Normile, CP, Runkle, BRK, Oldfield, EE, Shrestha,G, Baldocchi, DD, Evans, ME, Randerson, JT, Sanderman, J. Torn, MS, Trugman, AT, Williams, CA (2024). "We need a solid scientific basis for nature-based climate solutions in the United States." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121(14): e2318505121.


Staff News

We  have 2 undergraduates starting to work in the Biomet lab

Izzie Kaye Wamsteker is working with Daphne and is learning about the PepprMnt model for calculating methane fluxes in the wetland. During spring break Izzie joined us on a field trip to the delta

Gelary Cardenas will start working on measuring greenhouse gas fluxes with our chamber system as part of her Environmental Science Senior thesis.


Mallick et al. RSE-D-23-01335R1
Title: Net Fluxes of Broadband Shortwave and Photosynthetically Active Radiation Complement NDVI and Near Infrared Reflectance of Vegetation to explain Gross Photosynthesis Variability Across Ecosystems and Climate.Remote Sensing of Environment. accepted


Ivan Janssens from Univ of Antwerp is on short term visit to Berkeley with Margaret Torn. We got together to discuss fluxes and flux networks. Ivan was on the early team of EuroFlux in the Ceulemans group and mentored my former postdoc Jorge Curiel Yuste.

we also hosted Ivan and his spouse Inge on a tour of our delta field sites. Nice to share ideas on wetlands

Brian Bailey of UC Davis gave a great seminar on his Helios model system that computes turbulence, radiative transfer and mass and energy exchange over 3D canopies. This lecture is the Future of Biometeorology


Joe has set up the Arable meteorological sensors at Bouldin corn for the public to provide weather data for duck hunters 

We plan to install another Arable at Dutch Slough for educational purposes for students at Knightsen Elementary and for colleagues working at Dutch Slough from Davis, DWR, USGS, etc

ddb gave a public lecture on Fog Sunday Feb 25, 2 pm at the Tomales Historical Society

You thought you knew fog? There’s so much more to this phenomenon in nature, myth, and mystery. FOG. Clarifying the cloudy, fuzzy, misty, murky, soupy thing we live with


Baldocchi, D., K. Novick, T. Keenan, and M. Torn (2024), AmeriFlux: Its Impact on our understanding of the ‘breathing of the biosphere’, after 25 years, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 348, 109929, doi:

Baldocchi, D. D., and A. Arias Ortiz (2024), Alternating Conditional Expectations: Introducing a Non-Parametric Statistical Method to Interpret Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements Over Semi-Arid and Wetland Ecosystems, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 129(3), e2023JG007818, doi:



Troy Magney and his team from UC Davis installed the T SWIFT system to measure SIF at Tonzi Ranch.  Great to get this new way of sensing the canopy. Plus Sophie Ruehr of the Keenan lab installed a thermal camera at the site.

We are also adding more point dendrometers from a sensor in Czech Republic


The Ameriflux review was accepted by Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

The Alternating Conditional Expectations paper was accepted by Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences


Cove Sturtevant from NEON came to visit. Gave a lab seminar on the power of ANN to extract information on controls of fluxes and to extract response functions.

Cove is former postdoc and wrote much of our matlab processing code. great to see  him again and learn.

Nico Bambach from UC Davis gave the biometlab seminar presentation. Nico is expert on evaporation measurements and modeling from almonds and showed us the many comparisons they are making and how almond evaporation is varying over the year. It uses up to 10 mm/d during the growing season.


ddb was an external reviewer of UCLA's Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, a similar unit at our partner campus.  Also met lots of people and students.  Very interesting exercise to do.  One learns more about the nuts and bolts of how a University Unit functions and a chance to think about where we in the environmental sciences should be going.


Hartman, W. H., C. P. B. d. Mesquita, S. M. Theroux, C. Morgan-Lang, D. D. Baldocchi, and S. G. Tringe Multiple microbial guilds mediate soil methane cycling along a wetland salinity gradient, mSystems, 0(0), e00936-00923, doi:10.1128/msystems.00936-23.

Volk, J. M., ...Tianxin Wang.. et al. (2024), Assessing the accuracy of OpenET satellite-based evapotranspiration data to support water resource and land management applications, Nature Water, doi:10.1038/s44221-023-00181-7.

Baldocchi, D., and K. Mallick (2024), Towards sharing water better with near real-time maps on evaporative water use by crops and natural vegetation, Nature Water, doi:10.1038/s44221-023-00183-5.


Martin Beland has returned for an extended stay in the Biomet Lab. Welcome back Martin

Iryna Dronova gave a presentation on remote sensing of the delta and our field sites. Wonderful survey of products and trends in clusters at our sites. Lots of ideas for future collaboration among our groups

Einara Zahn, from Princeton, gave a Biomet lab seminar on flux partitioning, large eddy simulation and Monin Obukov Similarity theory.  All state of art models and measurements. Check out her recent papers.