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Ecological Climatology book cover
Bonan, G. 2002. Ecological Climatology. Cambridge University Press
Ecohydrology book cover
Eagleson P.S. 2002. Ecohydrology. Cambridge University Press.
microclimate book cover
Jones, H.G. 1992. Plants and Microclimate. Cambridge Press
micromet book cover
Arya, S. P. 1988. Introduction to Micrometeorology. 2nd edition Academic Press.
Environmental biophysics book over
Campbell,G.S. and Norman, J.M. 1998. An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics. Springer.
boundary layer book cover
Garratt, J.R. 1992. The Atmosphere Boundary Layer. Cambridge Press.
Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows book cover
Kaimal, J.C. and J.J. Finnigan. 1994. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows: Their Structure and Measurement. Oxford Press.
Physiological Plant Ecology book cover
Physiological Plant Ecology
Larcher W. 1995. Physiological Plant Ecology. Springer-Verlag. Berlin. 252 pp. Principles of Environmental Physics
Principles of Environmental Physics book cover
Monteith, J.L. and M.H. Unsworth. 1990. Principles of Environmental Physics. E.A. Arnold.
Physiochemical and Environmental book cover
Nobel, P.S. 1991. Physiochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology. Academic Press
Boundary Layer Climates book cover
Oke, T.R. 1987. Boundary Layer Climates. Metheun.
Panofsky, H.A. and J.A. Dutton. 1984. Atmospheric Turbulence. Wiley and Sons, 397 pp.
Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology book cover
Stull, R.B. 1988. An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology, Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Microclimate book cover
Rosenberg, N.J., B.L. Blad and S.B.Verma. 1983. Microclimate. J. Wiley and Sons.
Unsaturated Zone Hydrology book cover
Tindall, J.A. and J.R. Kunkel. 1999. Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers. Prentice Hall.624 pp.

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